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Shehla Mazhar

Self-Management is the ART of Enhancing the Quality of Your Everyday LIFE!

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SHEHLA MAZHAR, Life & Success Coach

For almost 2 decades, Shehla Mazhar has been transforming lives worldwide, offering coaching services to CEOs, executives & employees of multi-national companies, celebrities, government leaders, students, & entrepreneurs, for personal and professional growth through science-backed self-management trainings. 

Shehla has also successfully led large humanitarian projects including Peace through Compassion and Target Loving projects, under which she and her team trained over 350,000 individuals to create a peaceful resilient community. 

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"Your mental and emotional well-being is in YOUR hands, irrespective of the conflicting circumstances in your external world, which will always prevail. YOU must learn how to maintain happiness and stability under pressing situations of life because your wellbeing is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Learn the important techniques of Self-Management!" 

─ Shehla Mahzar ─

Life & Success Coach


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Self-Management is the Art of Managing and Enriching your Internal and External Quality of life.

It is the path to experiencing infinite expansion in everything you do. 

Learn how your external reality is an extension of your mind and emotions and empower yourself to the Art of balanced, prosperous, joyful, healthy and coherent life.  

Working on the internal quality of your life will immediately bring your external quality of life into harmony.

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As a result of Self-Management, you will gain absolute CLARITY in life, which will abundantly and effortlessly derive successful results in your 5 Wealths:

  1. Harmonized Relationships

  2. Robust Health

  3. Financial Freedom

  4. Mental Stability

  5. Spiritual Alignment

Self-Management is a lifestyle to be adopted for long-term personal well-being.

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Our State-of-the-Art Technologies will ensure your journey towards Stress-Free Living and uplift you to a more Joyful, Rich, and Resilient Life!


The combination of technologies we use is scientifically researched, documented, and proven effective to reduce stress resulting in an optimum, joyful, and abundant experience.

This comprehensive one-of-a-kind self-management course will help individuals to activate the seed of their great human potential to build a high-performance being and move into a BLISSFUL State of Life!

In-Person Self-Management Course

Call us to book your seat in our upcoming courses happening in Karachi, Pakistan.



Online One-on-One - Via Skype or Zoom

Call us to schedule your regular one-on-one session with our trainer via skype or zoom at the time of your convenience.


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