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Appearing in the USMLE for Medical License in the US

Updated: May 3

What is USMLE?

To become a licensed physician in the US, you must take United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). USMLE ranks as United States’ most challenging examination. It is open for everyone who wishes to practice medicine in the US.

Refer to table 1 for some important and basic guidelines of USMLE. This is inclusive for American/Canadian and International applicants.

Mind Mapping is the best way to pass USMLE
Mind Mapping is the best way to pass USMLE

Table 1. USMLE Exam Guideline

How to Pass USMLE with Mind Mapping

Understanding USMLE

It comprises of 3 exhaustive exams referred to as “steps”:

Step 1: 8 Hours, 1 Day

Step 2: 9 Hours, 1 Day

Step 3: 16 Hours, 2 Days

Each step of USMLE requires about 200-300 hours of preparation. The order of steps 1 and 2 could be interchanged which is how most international students take the test. On the contrary, most people in the US choose to do it in the exact sequence.

The important thing to note is that STEP 3 can only be attempted after the previous steps have been passed. 

Contents of USMLE Steps

  1. Step 1: Knowledge of Foundational or Basic Sciences,

  2. Step 2: Clinical Knowledge & Clinical and Interpersonal Skills,

  3. Step 3: Day 1: Applications of Foundational and Social Sciences & Population Health and Epidemiology,

  4. Step 3: Day 2: Medical Leadership & Patient Management, Diagnosis and Screening.

Best Tips for Passing USMLE Step1, Step 2 and Step 3

Futuristic Learning gives you the opportunity to conveniently absorb massive chunks of knowledge in mere minutes. As you might have already known, USMLE is taken during the 5 year Medical School Studies. The test or Step Contents comprise of concepts from and Applications of Basic Sciences (like Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, and so on), Clinical Knowledge (such as Legal/Ethical and Precautionary Insights) and Medical Leadership (Patient Management, Diagnosis, Screening, and the like).

Now, one can imagine quite easily, how difficult USMLE can get for anyone! In order to solve this problem which is faced by more than 50k candidates annually, Futuristic Learning has brought forth an amazing technique. This is the “Mind Mapping” Technique, that allows you to summarize information while maintaining its quality and making it even more memorable.

At Futuristic Learning, Ms. Sania Alam teaches the art of Mind Mapping. She is a student of Tony Buzan , who invented Mind Maps inspired from big brains like Leonardo Da Vinci.

She is also one of the only 4 Senior Licensed Trainers of Mind Mapping in the world! Her achievements don’t end here though. As in 2023, Sania Alam was recognized as the Brain of The Year 2023/24 by the UK’s Brain Trust.

Discover more about Sania Alam here:

study faster with mind map
Dr. Sassi's Mind Map for USMLE Preparation

Benefits of Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping helps you in innumerable ways. But to list a few, a Mind Map:

  1. Summarizes Large Information by Highlighting Key-Points: Any big amount of information can be contained in small visual maps. Mind maps can incorporate about 30 pages of knowledge in just one A3-sized paper. While doing so, a mind map extracts only the most vital points from a text. This fuels note-taking skills.

  2. Visualizes Information to Boost Memory and Retention: Our brains are wired to think in images. That’s why, Mind Maps convert dull and written text into colorful and understandable insights. Hence, mind mapping not only boosts your learning ability, but also makes knowledge memorable for a longer term.

  3. Organizes Scattered Information and Reveals Connections: Another important benefit of Mind Mapping is that it organizes the heaps of seemingly unrelated details. With assembled arrangement comes clarity. Which further aids in memory.

  4. Secondly, the uniquely sorted appearance of mind maps helps understanding existing connections between the concepts.

  5. Simplifies Knowledge: But perhaps the best benefit of Mind Mapping is its Simplification. Mind Maps uncomplicate complex ideas. Amazingly, with mind mapping, information is easier to understand, memorize and remember, too.

mind map save your study time
Dr. Sassi's Mind Map for USMLE Preparation

Dr. Sassi

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." MIND MAPPING is the best way to learn and especially BIG exams like USMLE, Mind Mapping is a super learning gadget. Thank You, Miss Sania, your Mentor, and Team."

So, now that you have discovered the amazing benefits of Mind Mapping, what are you waiting for?

Enroll yourself in our fantastic mind mapping courses.

For the complete Course on Mind Mapping and its various uses, click here:

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