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Why This Course?

Are you constantly forgetting not only basic day-to-day To-Do List but also VALUABLE & NECESSARY INFORMATION? Do you forget those key pointes from school lectures or those important bits of information from your business meetings? 

Master Your Memory! Learn to capture as much information as possible, create key associations to remember even the smallest of detail and become ‘brain-fit’. Transform your memory by re-mapping memory input and retrieval system, with interactive memory training programs that will teach you time proven methods of Memory-Development, allowing you to put conscious and subconscious into communication so you can retrieve what you perceive. 

Unleash your immense power to

record, retain, and recall information within seconds! 


We Are Champion Makers!

We are experts in the field of memory development and have trained students in memory skills who have gone on to compete and win the World Memory Championship and receive 3 titles of Guinness World Records.


You TOO can have an extraordinary memory, regardless of your age.

Who We Are

We bring to you, multitude of

Breakthrough-in-Brain-Science Technologies, 

all infused in a single course.

Below are latest technologies that will be used throughout

the 4 Days Course so you reap optimum results!

Concrete Wall

Course Curriculum
Latest State-of-Art training program to boost your memory!

  • Introduction to Memory Skills

  • Types of Memory

  • 3 Stages of Memory

  • 5 Keys of Memory

How Memory Works
  • Link System

  • Peg System

  • Journey Method

  • Body System

  • Alphabet System

  • Mind Screen

  • Memorizing Schedule & Appointments

Core Memory Systems
  • How to Memorize Phone Numbers

  • Memorizing Dates & Events

  • Memorizing Debit Card Numbers

Language of Numbers
  • How to Memorize Names & Faces

  • Tips to Boost Recall of Names

Remembering Names & Faces
  • Memorizing Maps

  • Memorizing Geographical Details

  • Memorizing Facts & Figures

Memorizing Geographical Details
  • Build your Vocabulary in 3 Easy Steps

  • How to Memorize Words

  • How to Memorize Spellings

  • Memorizing Foreign Vocabulary

  • How to Memorize Quotations

Memory Tools for Language & Vocabulary
  • How to Memorize Mathematical and Scientific Formulae and Equations

  • Pegs for Mathematical Symbols

  • Pegs for Greek Alphabets

  • Memory Tools for Engineering
    (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, &Mechanical Engineering)

  • Memory Tools for Physics

Mathematics, Equations, 
Engineering & Physics
  • Memory Techniques for Business Studies

  • Memorize Important Law Facts

  • How to Memorize Business Graphs 

  • Memorizing Economic Acronyms

  • Memorizing Facts & Figures of Accounting

Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, & Law
  • Memorize Human Biology & Equations

  • Memorizing Medical Facts

  • Memorizing Abbreviations & Acronyms 

  • Tools for Chemistry & Biochemistry

Biology, Medicine, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • How to Remember What you Read (Mind Mapping)

  • Metronomic Memory

  • Memory Tool for Presentations & Speeches

Mastering Presentations & Speeches
Sania Alam.jpg

Sania Alam
Master Trainer & Coach of World Champions
1 of the only 4 in the World Senior Licensed Instructors of Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan, the Inventor of Mind Maps. Coach of World Mind Mapping Champion (J), World Memory Champion, World Speed Reading Champion, and a Team of 5 Guinness World Record Holders.

We bring to you, multitude of

Breakthrough-in-Brain-Science Technologies

all infused in a single course, so your team can reap optimum results!

PEMF Headbank.jpg

PEMF Head Band

By applying non-invasive energy into the body, it stimulates the cells to help them function the way they were intended to. This device emits electromagnetic waves at different frequencies such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, & Gamma, to improve cognitive performance, strengthen attention & focus, optimize your mental capacity, energize cells on a molecular level and revitalize the body and mind through brainwave entrainment.

Eye Massager.jpg

Eye Massager

Our eyes are constantly taking in tons of information about the world around us and sending it to our brain for processing. With­out our eyes we would not be able to see the beauty of the world, therefore, eye health is very important. This device is designed to help regain eye vitality, relieve headaches, alleviate eye strains, in­somnia, and everyday eye fatigue, through a soothing eye mas­sage experience with heat, vibration, compression, & music via built-in speakers

Neck Massager.jpg

Neck Massager

Most of our daily activities, can cause stress on the body, particularly, in neck and shoulders. Body stress hinders our ability to focus and be productive. Fortunately, massage is one of the best alternative medicine approaches for treating that stress. This latest technology-based electric neck massager is designed to deeply relax the neck muscles and nerves, provide relief from pain and stress, and release tight knots and tension caused by daily activities.

Breakthrough-in-Brain-Science Technologies

Brainwave Entrainment

Engineered soundtracks used throughout the course use particular brainwave frequencies in order to induce an altered state. Brainwave entrainment prompts the brain to access a particular state through a variety of different audio stimulations. Essentially, the stimulation convinces the brain's activity to synchronize to the external stimulation. Brainwave entrainment involves picking a sound associated with a particular brain wave to alter your state.

Benefits include

o  Optimum Learning State (alpha waves)

o  Increased Attention (gamma and beta waves)

o  Improved Memory (gamma and beta waves)

o  Mood Boost (gamma and beta waves)

o Healthy Sleep (theta and delta waves)

o Reduced Stress & Anxiety (alpha waves)

o Enhanced Meditation (alpha waves)

Cognitive Games.jpg

Technology of Brain-Coherence

Ideal State of Mind - left-right brain hemispheres synchronization for improved brain functioning, greater mental clarity, inner calm, increased productivity, and focus.

Heart Coherence.jpg

Technology of Heart-Coherence

Activate Heart-Intelligence - Science-Based Technology for Psychological & Physiological Well-Being. Learn to emotionally stabilize yourself within minutes.


3 Days Course - Book Your Seat NOW

Boost your Memory Skills so you can Excel in

Academic Studies & Executive Career!

PKR 50,000

Karachi, Pakistan

Day 1


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Day 2


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Day 3


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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