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French Mind Mapping Champion 2019


Recipient of:

Performance Award 

by Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Federal Minister for IPC


Recipient of:

Recognition Award 

by Asad Qaiser, Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan

Presidential Fitness.png

Recipient of:

Presidential Youth Fitness Award

by President Barack Obama, U.S.A.

Foreign Minister.png

Recipient of:

Award by Abdul Rehman Malik

Former Interior Minister of Pakistan

Lifetime Achievement Award.png

Recipient of:

Lifetime Achievement Award

by President Joe Biden, U.S.A.

Goodwill Ambassador.png

Recipient of:


for Department of Sports & Youth Affairs by Government of Punjab

Shomie Alam has won 7 Medals & 3 Trophies in National & International Competitions.

World Mind Map Championship 2022

  • Bronze Trophy, Overall Championship

  • Bronze Medallist, Adult Category - Freestyle Discipline

  • Bronze Medallist, Adult Category - Note-Taking Discipline


World Mind Mapping Day 2020

  • Silver Medallist, Overall Championship


11th Mind Mapping Championship 2019 (Beijing, China)

  • Bronze Medallist, Freestyle Discipline


French Mind Mapping Championship 2019 (Paris, France)

  • Gold Trophy, Overall Championship

  • Gold Trophy, Freestyle Discipline

  • Gold Medallist, Overall Championship

  • Gold Medallist, Freestyle Discipline


1st Pakistan National Mind Mapping Championship (Karachi, Pakistan)

  • Silver Medallist, Note-Taking Discipline

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