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Speed Reading is a skill where the processing power of the brain is increased so that the written information is grasped faster and in larger quantity, compared to one- word-at-a-time old-school method of reading.


The frequencies in this soundtrack help increase the processing power of your brain. You can listen to this soundtrack before and during speed reading practice where speedy processing and comprehension of written information is required.


If you are a speed reader, follow the beat of the music, start with processing one line per beat, then one paragraph per beat, and as you build your skills, one page per beat, and so on. If you are not a speed reader, you may listen to this soundtrack while performing any reading task, as these frequencies will enhance your reading experience and comprehension abilities.


The embedded frequencies underlying this African beat begins with gentle alpha relaxation and focus. Then, lower frequencies are added. There is support moving to lower theta and then lower delta expansion. At the same time higher frequencies of Beta; and then, Gamma are added. This wide range of frequencies support expands of awareness from the central place of alpha relaxation in a gradual and powerfully supported expansion in awareness and performance, to be used as preparation for reading; or, during the reading itself.



We recommend you use good quality stereo headphones only, but if need be, you may play this track on speakers. DO NOT use noise cancellation headphones as it will cancel out some of the frequencies.


Do not compress the soundtrack. Listen to this soundtrack as daily practice while getting ready to read and/or during reading.


The embedded frequencies are not audible to human ear. The music which you can hear is placed to give you a pleasant feeling, however, it is the underlying frequencies that support the intended results. When you bring the soundtrack into daily practice, you will notice remarkable shift, you will read faster, understand more, and improve efficiency, reading memory, comprehension and concentration.



  • If you take antidepressants or any other medication that effects the nervous system, keep your eyes open while listening to this soundtrack
  • All download products are non-refundable.
  • The soundtrack should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. If you are currently being treated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner for any condition or disease, please consult with that provider prior to changing or modifying any treatment program.
  • Do not listen to any recording while driving or operating equipment/machinery.

Speed-Reading Booster - Speed Up Processing Power

  • Details


    15 min 36 sec


    Music Details

    Beautiful beats played on an African thumb piano called Kalimba


    Sound Engineer of Subliminal Frequencies

    Robert Holbrook, U.S.A.



    Calle Frogard


    Produced by

    Futuristic Learning U.S.A.

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