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These frequencies support heart and brain intelligence to work in a harmonious synchronized state of being. Listen to this soundtrack with Heart-Brain Coherence meditation guided below.


The embedded frequencies underlying this harmonious Russian music is combination of those in the Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence soundtracks. There is additional alpha support to help the flow and connection of heart-brain coherence to increase. The harmonic gamma frequencies support natural entrainment of that flow and connection. Through the use of these frequencies along with guided technique, you can learn to maintain and increase this Heart-Brain Coherence and live in higher expression and performance of the full being and natural talents we all have within us.



We recommend you use good quality stereo headphones only, but if need be, you may play this track on speakers. DO NOT compress or use noise cancellation headphones as it will cancel out some of the frequencies. Do not compress the soundtrack.


Listen to this soundtrack as daily practice to anytime during the day. Find a comfortable spot and sit in an alert position with neck and back straight yet relaxed. Avoid sitting on your bed as for the brain the bed is symbolically a place where you sleep rather than become productive.


The embedded frequencies are not audible to human ear. The music which you can hear is placed to give you a pleasant feeling, however, it is the underlying frequencies that support the intended results. When you bring the soundtrack into daily practice, you will notice remarkable shift in overall quality of your life.



Science-Based Technology for Psychological & Physiological Well-Being


Sit on a comfortable surface with your neck and back straight. Keep in mind, all three steps are to be done simultaneously throughout the duration of the soundtrack.


    Place your attention on the center of your chest, which is the area of your heart, and notice the beauty of your heart beats. This establishes an instant connection with your heart, while you mentally disconnect with everything else.
    Imagine you are breathing through your heart area - putting your attention here helps you center yourself and get coherent. Take slow, deep breaths.

    Inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds - or at an interval that's comfortable for you. Breathing in even intervals facilities rhythmic pattern, which is an important part of this technique.
    Activate a Positive Feeling by recalling how it felt when you were appreciated or when you felt appreciation for something or someone. Or you can focus on any calm, neutral and joyful feeling. Focusing on positive emotions helps to create the coherent alignment between your heart, mind, and emotions.


Carry on these steps for the remainder of the soundtrack.



  • If you take antidepressants or any other medication that effects the nervous system, keep your eyes open while listening to this soundtrack.
  • All download products are non-refundable.
  • The soundtrack should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. If you are currently being treated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner for any condition or disease, please consult with that provider prior to changing or modifying any treatment program.
  • Do not listen to any recording while driving or operating equipment/machinery.

Heart-Brain Coherence - Heart-Brain Synchronization

  • Details


    15 min 19 sec


    Sound Engineer of Subliminal Frequencies

    Robert Holbrook, U.S.A.


    Music Details

    Traditional Russian music with balalaikas, acoustic guitar, mandolin.



    Premjee, Abbas Ali


    Produced by

    Futuristic Learning U.S.A.

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