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Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management System

Rescript Your Attitude towards Wealth and Success

Training Description (8 Sessions – 16 Hours – 8 Weeks Training Program)

Session 1

Duration 2 Hours 30 Minutes

  1. Introduction to the Technology of Self-Management – Through this technology you will learn the powerful formula of freedom that will allow you to manage yourself, so you can better manage your environment.

  2. Technology of Heart Coherence – Stress Management System that Empowers You to Shift Your Emotional State for Well-Being.

  3. Technology of Brain Coherence – High-Tech Left-Right Brain Synchronization for improved Brain Functioning. Through this technology you will learn to replace your mental disturbance with Peace and Stability.

  4. DNA Rejuvenation – Improve your Physical Health

  5. Financial Freedom Programmer – Implant ‘Winning Feelings’ and stimulate the appropriate mind state

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