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Held in Mehran Hotel Karachi, Pakistan

A splendid outcome of the competition, 26 competitors participated.

The youngest of all Mind Mappers was an 8 year old boy Moosa.

Congratulations to the Winners

Mind Mapping Championship

Discipline One – Note taking from a Lecture

Competitors were required to listen to a 25-30 minute lecture on a subject with no prior warning of the topic. Mind Map notes were taken during the lecture. An additional 20-minute time limit was given to create a second ‘tidied up’ version, submitted for marking.


Discipline Two – Note Making Freestyle

Competitors created a Mind Map on a subject of their own choice. Bonus points were given for creative expression within the Mind Map Laws. 

Gold Medal

Kisa Zehra

Silver Medal

Abeerah Ather

Bronze Medal

Ambreen Hameed

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