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Experience the Power of Transformative Retreats! 

5-7 days retreats with either Sania Alam, Emma Alam, or Shehla Mazhar is your opportunity to join a community of individuals who are on the path of self-discovery and lifelong learning. 

These retreats are where you explore and gain in-depth understanding on numerous subjects. From super-learning to self-management to exploring higher consciousness, you are sure to experience a transformative shift during our retreats.

Retreat includes 5-7 days stay at a selected venue where the designated trainer will conduct sessions throughout the day.

During retreat, some sessions start early morning and or end late evenings. 

More details will be provided as the next retreat is scheduled. 

There are some rare and exclusive retreats offered by Dr. Mohammad Alam who is the revered visionary behind all projects offered by Futuristic Learning. Selection for Dr. Alam’s retreats are by invitation only.

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