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Preparing For Board Exams

Updated: Apr 26

How to Take A1 Grade in Any Board Exam

Board Exams bring with them a scary feeling. Matric and Inter students shudder before the fully loaded syllabus and oh–so-many subjects! The fear doesn’t end here, though. Because, a student must also cope with family expectations and competition among friends. And which means that students gain poor appetite, insomnia, and starkly reduced sleep. But, why should our youth deal with this level of stress?

board exam
Board Exams can be stressful if you don’t use Mind Maps.

Futuristic Learning brings you the perfect salvation to save your time and energy. Our Mind Mapping Course will help you to visibly increase grades! Whether you are studying at a government Board or a Private Board, we have you sorted!

Tony Buzan designed Mind Mapping to make learning easier. A Mind Map gives you a visual summary. It is based on the associative and memorizing nature of the Mind. At Futuristic Learning, Tony Buzan’s self-trained and 1 of the only 4 Licensed Trainers in the World, Sania Alam, teaches the art of Mind Mapping. Her students are from all ages and sectors of life.

If you think about How to study fast one day before exam, your answer is only one: Make Mind Maps!

Board Exams of Government Boards

All Pakistan’s Government Boards (like Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and the Federal Board) have enhanced their curriculum. Thus, almost every province now has a detailed syllabus. However, Mind Maps can shorten all your thick books. As a result, you only have to memorize a few pages.

It doesn’t matter what your subject is in Matric or Inter Exam, as the Mind Mapping method applies to every subject. Such as, Computers, Sociology, Biology, General Science, Chemistry or Physics. It also works for Technical Studies. You can quickly learn long processes and important tools with their functions. Lastly, the technique of Mind Mapping also covers the subjects of Economics, Arts and Humanities.

Board Exams of Private Boards

The Private Board in Pakistan, the Aga Khan Board, which is famous for its complexity and dense curriculum, undoubtedly has Pakistan’s toughest Board Exams. But, rest assured! Because, Futuristic Learning‘s Mind Mapping Courses come to the aid of Aga Khan Board Students, too. 

You can use the exciting method of learning through Mind Mapping to cover every subject of your class whether you take Science, Arts or Economics. It reduces the volume of books by 96.5%. Sounds crazy, right? Yet, see how we have minimized 29 pages of Economics notebook to 1 page of mind map.

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