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A Few of Our Media Appearances & Publications

Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers & Digital Coverage

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Introducing Mind Sports

Talent Development Project

Featured on Cover-page of

ScoreLine Magazine
Leading Cricket Magazine

Champions & Smartest Mind Sports Athletes of Pakistan

10 International Championships - 40 Countries - 36 Medals - 10 Trophies 


Featured on Cover-page of People Magazine Pakistan

Super-Learning for

Great Business Leaders
Interview with Sania Alam &

Imtiaz H. Abbasi Owner of

Chain of Imtiaz Super Markets

Featured on Cover-page of Brands Magazine

Leading Corporate

& Youth Magazine

Super-Learning Sparks

the Inner Creativity

Interview - Sania Alam

& World Renowned

Artist Mehtab Ali

Featured on Cover-page of People Magazine

How Young Entrepreneurs

are Taking GIANT Leaps

with Super-Learning Systems
Interview - Sania Alam & Zahid Khan, Entrepreneur & Model

Featured on Cover-page of

SHE Magazine
The Largest Selling English Magazine

Super-Learning can Help Students & Professionals Achieve Excellence
Interview - Sania Alam & Eshal Alam, Actress & Model

Featured on Cover-page of

Women's Own Magazine
Covering the Complete Woman

Sania Alam, Queen of

Mind Mapping

Interview with Sania Alam

on International Women's

Day 2019 Celebrating Empowering Women!

Featured on Cover-page of GLAM Style 360 Magazine
A Magazine of

HUM TV Channel

The Infinite Power

of Your Brain

The Mind Mapping Expert
SANIA ALAM Exclusive Interview

Featured on Cover-page of People Magazine

Exclusive Interview with Sania Alam
CEO – Institute of Human Memory Development

Featured on Cover-page of Brands Magazine
The Leading Corporate & Youth Magazine

Accelerated Learning Programs for the 1st

Time in Pakistan
Interview with Sania Alam, Super-Learning Master Trainer

Featured on Cover-page of FHM Magazine