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World's #1
Mind Mapping Course

for Students & Professionals

A versatile tool that Optimizes your Productivity & Performance level by helping you to manage, organize, structure, & recall vast amount of information. An excellent tool for Students & Corporate Executives. Used within Fortune 500 Companies such as Apple, United Nations, Disney & NASA.

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Start Mind Mapping TODAY!

One of the most powerful tools available to meet the demands of the information age.

Learn from our World-Class Expert - 1 of the ONLY 4 Licensed Master Trainers in the World!


Learn the original Mind Mapping technique invented by Tony Buzan.


“Sania Alam is the Queen of Mind Mapping.”

Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Mapping

Message from Tony Buzan – One of World’s Top Expert on Brain and Memory
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Brain Boosting Exercises


Tips to Enhance Memory


Tools for Optimizing Brain Performance


For Students & Professionals


Tools to




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Visual Learning for in-depth understanding of Mind Mapping



Course designed to address 3 types of learners: Visual, Auditory &




Learn how to compete in National & World Mind Mapping Championships


Learn the 7 Powerful Applications of Mind Mapping

Learn in great depth the top 7 applications of Mind Mapping

to enhance your academic & professional productivity level.


Effective Note-Taking

Learn the Art-of-Summarizing. Take detailed yet precise notes from textbooks, classroom, meetings, lectures, conferences. A must-have skill for all students to enhance academic performance. Record, retain & recall vast amount of information through Mind Maps.


Powerful Presentations

Whether you’re presenting in a meeting or on the big stage, Mind Mapping will help to plan and deliver captivating and engaging presentations. Also learn how to get rid of your stage fear and deliver your presentations confidently.


Ace Exams

Learn to capture & organize information in a visual format to facilitate understanding, retaining, integrating, & applying what you have learned. Mind Mapping helps retain the information in your long-term memory so learning & studying for exams becomes simple, fun & struggle-free.


Enhance Creativity

“If you don’t have your own creative ideas, you will end up working for someone else’s.” In education or at workplace, creativity is a crucial factor for success. Learn to explore new possibilities, transcend old ways of thinking & view information from different perspectives.


Problem Solving

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” Problem Solving ability is always in high demand by employers & large corporations as it displays both logical and creative thinking. Mind Mapping will help you define & view all aspects of the problem so you can find creative solutions. 


Improve Writing Skills

Whether it’s for a class assignment or a business proposal, Mind Mapping will help you brainstorm, explore topics, develop & organize ideas, prepare outlines and summaries to help you write essays, blogs, thesis, dissertations, books and much more.


Group Activities

Be it group meetings, studying, planning or project management, Mind Mapping will help get the best out of any team. When it comes to business, being able to achieve team collaboration for collective vision promotes a far more efficient way of working. 

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Boost your Learning, Creativity & Information Management Skills

to Excel in Academic Studies & Professional Career!

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What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a powerful method of visually capturing and organizing information, it is a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain, by using words, images, numbers, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness – in a single, uniquely powerful manner. In so doing, it gives you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain. A Mind Map can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance. 

Mind Map is a visual thinking tool that can be applied to all cognitive functions, especially memory, learning, creativity, analysis, brainstorming, identifying new opportunities, organizing, managing projects, teaching, studying, communicating information and much more. 

Learn to capture information and ideas with the technique that is helping over 250 million people worldwide to be more organized, productive and creative.


Mind Mapping for Business

Increase Your Productivity to become more effective in your job & achieve fast-paced career success!

  • Achieve Clearer Thinking.

  • Brainstorm, Plan & Implement Your Ideas.

  • Comprehend & Process Information Faster.

  • Effective Problem Solving.

  • Efficient Business Communication & Collaboration.

  • Efficient Planning & Execution of Tasks.

  • Enhance Your Brain’s Natural Thinking Power.

  • Gaining Insight on Complex Subjects.

  • Harness the Power of Visual Thinking.

  • Improve Cognitive Skills.

  • Improve Team Collaboration & Communication.

  • Increase Thinking, Memory & Learning Skills.

  • Keep your skill set up-to-date and learn new trends in the industry by learning what you need, more rapidly.

  • Manage projects to perfection by planning from start to finish.

  • Performance Coaching.

  • Prepare & Present Engaging Presentations.

  • Reignite Your Creativity.

  • Research & Consolidating vast information from multiple sources.

  • See connections, hierarchies & relationships between ideas & topics.

  • See the big picture of a situation or problem, ideal for decision making.

  • Streamline Meetings & Workload.

  • Visualize Complex Information onto One Single Map.

Mind Mapping for Education

Raise Student Achievement through an engaging, visual, memorable, & natural approach to learning!


Students of all ages can us Mind Mapping tool to study more efficiently, take better notes, improve comprehension, memorize information easily, pass exams effortlessly, foster creativity, and get ahead in their educational career.

  • Ace Any & All Types of Exams

  • Become Expert at Summarized Note-Taking - Write Less, Retain More!

  • Brainstorm Powerful Ideas Through Association

  • Deliver Engaging Presentations

  • Develop & Outline an Essay Structure

  • Develop Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

  • Easily Visualize & Communicate Complex Information & Concepts 

  • Engage & Collaborate

  • Improve Cognitive Skills

  • Improve Memory & Recall

  • Improving Critical Thinking

  • Learn Faster & Save Time!

  • Researching & Consolidating Information from Multiple Sources

  • See The “Big Picture” At A Glance

  • Simplify Complex Topics

  • Spark Creativity

  • Stimulate the Logical Flow of The Thought Process

  • Structure Vast Amount of Information

  • Students are not always process oriented, rather visual, auditory, or kinesthetic oriented, Mind Mapping course is all of that!

Mind Mapping for Teachers & Educators

Teach students HOW-TO-LEARN, rather than simply memorize linear content.

  • A unique and engaging teaching tool to captivate students’ attention & increase productive results.

  • Design Curriculum, Assignments & Classroom Handouts

  • Develop students’ presentation skills from preparing to delivering with confidence.

  • Excellent for Assessments

  • Foster Creativity

  • Reinforce Knowledge


Syed Salman

“An amazing platform for the professionals to acquire the skills to better lead businesses with Creative & Innovative ways to manage, process and organize information overload, as competition has risen, and demands have increased.”

Knowledge for All
CSS Students Platform

"What an opportunity! Students were in desperate need of guidance to utilize their potentials at their best. I believe this is a perfect platform to get introduced to priceless qualities which one has in himself. It should be availed at all costs."



“A super experience towards super learning. The trainer always kept the class engaged. Courteous staff and comfortable environment. Course was designed to be very relevant and explained mind mapping & it’s uses in detail yet in a simplistic way.”

Aley Fatima


“COFW is an institute that provides an excellent opportunity for developing an amazing career. It helped me by their project of IHMD. Their super learning system has a course of Mind Mapping that has helped me in studies, presenting, essays and so on. They have the best after sale services. The experience here was worth trying. I would surely do their other courses.”



"Woah! What an amazing experience I've had! I seriously loved Sania Alam, I never expected Mind Mapping to be so 'mind-blowing'!  Seriously it helped, and still helps me today. I've aced all my school tests without preparation! I'm proud to say that I've learnt how to manage information:) Hats off to the the team as well as Sania Alam! So proud of you."

Dr. Sassi Ashraf


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." MIND MAPPING is the best way to learn and especially BIG exams like USMLE, MM is a super learning gadget. Thank You, Miss Sania, your Mentor, and Team."


"In July and August, I attended IHMD's 10-day course on Mind Mapping. Sania Alam's clear and practical approach was insightful and life-changing. Delegates ranged between 10 and 40 years old which made for excellent discussion and perspectives.  As an Advocate of the Supreme Court, Commercial Mediator and International ADR and Management Trainer, it made complete sense for me to internalize the learning without delay. The results have been immediate and most satisfying. In November with the permission of my client I prepared my first case involving Mindmaps.  On the date of hearing in the High Court of Sindh at Karachi when I argued the case before the Division Bench of Justice Mohammad Mazhar and Justice Agha Faisal all I had was 2 sheets of art pad sized paper with colorful branches, single words and images etched on the sheets summarizing facts and law on public procurement, aircraft engines and aviation on one sheet and reported case laws for and against of the Supreme Court and High Courts drawn on the other sheet. As the opposing Advocate made his submissions and rebuttal under the weight of the bundle of files and books, I felt gratitude defending my local client relying on two sheets of paper. On 24th December, the High court announced it's Judgement and we won the case. The COFW super learning courses go beyond conventional learning with clear focus on the quantum, the fifth dimension, wellness, and heart and brain coherence as important ingredients for success professionally and in life. The skills offered on the courses have opened yet another door adding value to my mediation practice and International training. Thank you Team COFW and Sania for my continuing Aha moments. God Bless you."


Mr. Jawad Sarwana

Advocate of the Supreme Court

Commercial Mediator

International ADR & Management Trainer


An excellent aid for students to excel in academic performance!

Following are few Mind Maps of IHMD Students who studied and aced their exams using Mind Maps

Cambridge International Examinations As/A and O-Level Studies

Pages of Linear content from textbooks were converted into Mind Map Notes.

Mind Mapping can be applied to all types of studies and examinations. 

As & A Level Accounting Mind Maps

A + As Level - Accounting (1).JPG
A + As Level - Accounting (3).JPG

O-Level Business Studies Mind Maps

O-Level Business Studies Book - 2 pages
O-Level Business Studies (1).JPG
O-Level Business Studies (6).JPG

As & A Level Economics Mind Maps

As-A Level Economics (2).JPG
As-A Level Economics (1).JPG
As-A Level Economics (3).JPG

O-Level Geography Mind Maps

O-Level Geography Mind Maps (9).jpg
O-Level Geography Mind Maps (15).jpg
O-Level Geography Mind Maps (3).jpg

United States Medical Licensing Examination

Mind Maps provided by Dr. Sassi Ashraf Ali Abbasi

Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (3).jpg
Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (28).jpg
Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (17).jpg
Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (10).jpg
Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (11).jpg
Mind Maps by Dr. Sassi (12).jpg