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Tony Buzan's Memorial Dinner

London, England

Memorial Dinner at the Royal Automobile Club in London for Tony Buzan, the Man who invented Mind Mapping.

MemorialDinner (10).JPG

Sania Alam, Senior Licensed Instructor of Mind Mapping, Memory Skills & Speed Reading

One of the Only Four in the World

Trained & Certified by Master Trainers Tony Buzan, Phil Chambers, & Elaine Colliar

London, England

London Senior Instructor MM.JPG

Sania Alam's Promotion to Level 3 Memory Arbiter

Trained & Certified by Chief Arbiter of Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA) Phil Chambers

London, England

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MemorialDinner (7).jpg

Certificate of Appointment 

Sania Alam, Official Representative of the Tony Buzan Academy in the United States of America.

London, England

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Guinness World Records 

Sania Alam, appointed as Senior Memory Arbiter for Guinness World Records

London, England


Sania Alam as International Arbiter (Judge)

in U.K. Memory Memory Championship 2018

London, England


Meeting with Tony Buzan

Sania Alam's one-on-one meeting with Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, at his house in London. 

London, England

Sania Alam & Tony Buzan

IHMD authorized for National Memory Sports Council of Pakistan, under the World Memory Sports Council

(WMSC is the Governing body for the Mind Sport of Memory worldwide)

Authorized by the President of WMSC Mr. Raymond Keene OBE & General Secretary Mr. Chris Day 

London, England

LondonPNMSC (1).JPG
LondonPNMSC (2).JPG

Sania Alam becoming Licensed Instructor of Memory

Trained by 8 times World Memory Champion

Mr. Dominic O'Brien

London, England



Sania Alam taking part as International Arbiter

in Italian Memory Championship 2019

Milan, Italy