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About Us

Institute of Human Memory Development International LLC (IHMDI) is a U.S. based project.


We help you achieve Professional and Academic Excellence by training your Brain to Learn Faster, Think Better, Improve Memory and Read Rapidly. Backed by over 20 years of research into the Human Brain, Mind & Heart. We are pioneers in combining leading-edge technologies for faster and improved learning and we are committed to bringing Excellence in Human Development Programs through Super-Learning Systems. 


We have helped thousands of professionals, large corporations, and students utilize their learning potential. Through our expertise in the developing learning skills such as Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Skills development, we coach people to achieve MORE in LESS time WITH greater speeds.

Super-Learning is the ability to Read, Learn, Process and Memorize large amount of information in a short amount of time. A Super-Learner is someone who can accomplish in days and months what an average person might take years to accomplish.


The most powerful asset is the Human Brain, infinitely capable of SPEED. When one learns HOW-TO-LEARN then learning becomes fast, long lasting and easy.


At IHMDI our aim to help everyone access their innate Super-Learning abilities to live life with supreme abilities.

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Academic Leaders in Support of Super-Learning & Mental Literacy Development at IHMD’s Workshop

(Left to Right)

  • Bushra Abid (Principal, Students Zone)

  • Azra Aqil (Owner & Principal, Karachi Cambridge School)

  • Naheed Wasi (Owner, Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development)

  • Syeda Tatheer Fatima (Principal, PECHS College for Women)

  • Sajida Ali (Director, Pakistan Centre for Autism)

  • Brig. (R) Ghulam Hussain Ghumman SI(M) (GM, PSO Admin and Security Services)

  • Brig. (R) Syed Wajid Raza (Chief of Security, PARCO)

  • Imtiaz Hussain (Owner, Chain of Imtiaz Super Market)

  • Abdullah Akhtar (Owner, Schole International Academy)

  • Salman Alam (Managing Director, Arthur Lawrence)

  • Hameeda Mirza (Principal, Happy Home School)

  • Naqi Hassan (CEO, BATCO Group, Owner Alam’s Boutique and Showcase.com)

  • Hammad Siddiqui (Program Director for Asia at Center for International Private Enterprise)

  • Samina Khan (Executive Director, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture)

  • Saima Amir (Principal, Kith Schooling System)

  • Meher Bano (Head, Happy Home School, Clifton)

  • Tabassum Zehra (Director, SBCA)

  • Ghazala Mazahir (Head of School, Amina Academy)

  • Dr. Farhat Agha (Principal, DHA College for Women)

  • Shakeela Khurram (Principal, Shaheen Public School)

  • Sania Alam (President, Institute of Human Memory Development)