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“Books are like journeying into uncharted world of knowledge, wisdom, and skills. Pick the right book, and it can change you forever!”

– Sania Alam

We aim to bring you books that inspire a positive change, or an adoption of new skillset, or a shift in way of life, learning and acquiring success.

"Master Your Memory is a book I wrote to pass on the incredible knowledge and experiences I gained and as well as the techniques I perfected in my journey to becoming World Memory Champion and holder of multiple memory-based Guinness World Records. 

You will learn everything there is to learn about improving your memory, through techniques centuries old but modified to today’s needs of learning smart and working smart.

I am Emma Alam, and I wrote this book for YOU!"

Emma Alam, Author

"The Art of Self-Management is the Art of LIFE. It’s about adopting a lifestyle with essential abilities that are conducive to happier, healthier, abundant, and fulfilling experience of life.


This book covers life hacks that I have be successfully teaching for past 20 years to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, large corporations and individuals.

I am Shehla Mazhar, and I wrote this book for YOU!"

Shehla Mazhar, Author

“Mind Mapping is term that has been misunderstood by many all over the world. In this book I share the original Mind Mapping technique, which was invented by the founder (late) Tony Buzan.


Going above and beyond to elaborate on the technique and its uses in various aspects of life, this book is extremely vital for students and professionals.


This comprehensive guide covers the same techniques that I have applied to WIN the French Mind Mapping Championship and become bronze medalist of the World Mind Map Championship.

I am Shomie Alam and I wrote this book for YOU!"

Shomie Alam, Author

“Speed Reading is an ability natural and innate in everyone, yet the concept of speed reading is often unfathomable by many at first.


This book is to help you go through this process step-by-step, so that its not overwhelming, and easy at the same time. Within a small amount of practice, the global average speed of 150-220 words-per-minute can shift to 1,000s words-per-minute.


I am the U.K. Speed Reading Champion and holder of Guinness World Record, and I wrote this book to turn you into the fabulous speed reader that you are.


I am Syeda Kisa Zehra, and I wrote this book for YOU!”

Syeda Kisa Zehra, Author

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